Jan. 7th, 2009

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At first I thought it would be less alarming if I didn't say exactly what it was. Then I realized that it was only scary to me, and being coy would only make all of you think it was worse than it really was. So if I didn't want to alarm you, I should just come out and say I was getting an angiogram-- with catheters running up inside me through my femoral artery-- and possible angioplasty. If there really was a narrowed artery in one of my kidneys, as one test said and the other did not.

Finally I realized it would be least alarming of all not to mention it until it was over.

The details are fuzzy, thank goodness. I do remember that as I was in the recovery room after, the clock on the wall said 1:10 PM. Which means the public meeting, the one the Sierra Club was supposed to be organizing protests for, had been going for ten minutes. Two hundred miles away. With me stewed to the gills on dye and saline solution and some VERY powerful sedatives, prohibited from driving for the rest of the day.

So I missed the public meeting. You know, it was almost worth it.

There was nothing wrong with my arteries, by the way. No angioplasty necessary, so I got to sleep in my own bed last night. Since I hadn't slept much the night before, I slept pretty well!

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