Sep. 14th, 2009

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Ping Athelind and all interested parties: The original 1967 series _The Prisoner_ is available for viewing online. Check it out at For those of you not familiar with it, The Prisoner is the story of a British secret agent who resigns, is gassed unconscious, and wakes up in the ever so pleasant nightmare of The Village. You don't know where The Village is. You don't know who runs it. You don't know who lives there-- they are all assigned numbers, names aren't used. The place is run by Number Two, and our hero is Number Six; if anybody is ever given a name beyond the likes of these I don't remember it.

About which I must tell a little story. I think I might have included it in this blog before; if so I apologize.

Many years ago now the State, in their infinite wisdom, moved those of us in environmental programs into our own building. We had been sharing space in various state-owned buildings operated by the resource management people. Apparently it saved money to move us out of buildings that were already bought and paid for, leaving them half-empty, and into a privately owned, leased building of our own. Our Governor then was very much into privitization; he actually said, on the record, that having as much stuff as possible done by private contractors was just The Right Thing to Do, no matter whether it cost more money or not. Maybe this was part of that whole philosophy.

Regardless, we went to the new building, and one day my boss was assigning us our new cells-- excuse me, cubicles. (Cells have to be bigger and better appointed, by law.)

"Dave, you're in Cubicle Four, Mark, you have Seven, and Bill, you are Number Six."

And hearkening back to the television show _The Prisoner_, thinking she was deliberately feeding me the straight line from that classic show's opening credits, I did the only thing I could possibly do. In my best Patrick McGoohan voice, I shouted:

"I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN!"

I have never seen a better blank look than my boss gave me when I shouted that.

She had never seen the show. She thought I was completely insane. But then she has always thought that, and she is probably right, so no harm done.

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