Mar. 9th, 2009

Shave Geeks

Mar. 9th, 2009 09:39 pm
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My recent technological rebellion, and an Amazon gift certificate from a credit card I've decided not to use again, led me to get an old-fashioned double-edge razor. These are definitely a cheap way to shave. I got the razor and 110 blades- 10 with the razor and 100 in their own package- for my $25 certificate plus about $8 out of pocket, I think. If you know where to look you can get 100 decent Korean blades for $9. That's right, nine cents each. Hard to beat that.

Of course razors can cost you. You can get a used one cheap, if you don't mind using Dead Guy's razor without knowing who Dead Guy was or what killed him. New, you can get a usable Chinese or Indian razor for $15 or $20, but you can also pay over $100 for the top of the Merkur Company's line. They're German, of course.

I researched all this online before buying. This led me to the strange world of the Shave Geeks. That in turn gave, or reinforced, the rather creepy realization that no matter what you name, there are people somewhere who proudly geek about it.

I'm grateful to them for their depth of knowledge. I now know that my teenaged faceripping with a double-edge blade are a combination of the fact that nobody, not even Dear Old Dad, really told me how to use the thing; hint, holding the blade at right angles to your face and scraping is not it. Also I fubar'd the adjustment mechanism on my Gillette because nobody told me you had to unlock the blade doors before adjusting anything.

I also have some idea about what's good and what isn't. Including such tidbits as Personna still makes razor blades in the USA, but sells them as a bajillion store brands. So that the drug store house brand blades that cost $7 for ten are exactly the same, except for what's printed on their backing cards, as the Personnas that Wal-Mart charges $1.87 for.

Good to know. Good to know also, in an academic sense, that there are apparently thousands of men out there who think nothing of paying $20 for a two-ounce puck of shaving soap or six ounces of Italian shaving cream in a tube; and for whom $35 for a shaving brush is fine for a beginner, but you really need a $100 one.

I think not.

What's really strange is there are websites whose only purpose is for men to post the details of their morning shave every single day. "Every shave, every day," including the razor, the blade, what soap they used, what brush they whisked the soap with, whether the blade was new and if not new, how many shaves it had provided previously, whether they whisked the soap clockwise or counterclockwise, how many passes it took to get a good shave, in what direction those passes went, and what conditioner and/or aftershave and/or cologne they used for a finish.

This would be useful if they gave RATINGS of any of these things. How well they worked, how they compared to other brands or types. But these sites and blogs don't. They just list what was used.

Well, for the interest of any shave geek who might be reading, here was my shave this morning:

Parker 90r razor from India.
7AM Top Stainless Platinum blade from Bangladesh, due for replacement
Shaving soap: A squirt of store brand aerosol goo in a particularly unnatural, unattractive toxic blue color.
Brush: None
Aftershave: No name witch hazel astringent from the grocery store
Cologne: Whatever my sister and brother-in-law gave me for Christmas

Good to go. Eat your hearts, out, shavegeeks!

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