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I went down to the local "business solutions store" to have Flanker Books 1 and 2 printed. Was quite a deal- 10 cents per double-sided page, and then they charged me incorrectly. $10 for the whole two books. Idiot that I am, I told them I owed them more, but the clerk wouldn't change it.

It sure beats my usual way of printing Flanker. Which is to print working copies duplex on a one sided printer. For those who haven't ever done this, it means print all the even-numbered pages-- or odd, I forget which-- and then turn the stack over and print the odd numbered pages (or even) on the reverse side. There's also something about printing in reverse order in there somewhere.

I have the instructions written down- otherwise, there being at least sixteen different combinations (odd first or even, backward order or forward, top edge going into the machine or bottom edge, print side up or down) it would take me at least four tries to get it right. Then, of course, I'd be feeding pages into the printer for hours. And this was before the printer decided it was going to be a single-sheet printer from now on. Having printed Flanker several times too many, it now refuses to feed from the paper tray at all. I have to put each sheet in by hand.

But enough of this printer mumbo-jumbo. The important thing is-- these are the copies I am going to send to the US Copyright Office to register my copyright. Which means that after all these years, books 1 and 2 are, as far as I'm concerned, DONE.

To quote Douglas Adams, "Anything that's still wrong is DEFINITIVELY wrong."

That's it. Books 1 and 2 are DONE. Mark it on your calendars, folks. I did.
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Well, Tephie got the website up and running. 'Tis cool, although I haven't figured out how to do Thing One on it yet. Oh, hell, let the truth be told; Teph got it set up just fine, but I want to futz around with it a bit just because. It's at http://flanker.stormdancer.net if you want to look at what's up so far.

One thing you can't do is Buy the Books, nor will you for a while. I'm contracting with Susan Van Camp to do the cover art (http://www.artbysvc.com/). Lovely stuff, but she says it will take about six months to get the first cover done. Then about 6 months each thereafter. That's about the schedule I'd hoped to have Flanker come out, so it's not all that bad, except for the first six months. And odds are, stumbling into this hobby (I will not call it a business) as I am, it will take me that long to get the text set, even though all I know I need to do is set up the Creative Commons license and register my copyright. There's bound to be some other tarball in the process that's going to gum up the project, even if it's just my own laziness.

One good thing about the delay is it gives me time to pay for the cover art. Susan is worth it, don't get me wrong, but this grade of work does not come cheap.

Even though I never expect to make the money back, I just had to have professional-quality artwork for the cover. Just had to. It's not for money, it's for Flanker, and he deserves it.
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Well, after a decade of being ignored and abused by editors (and yes, Bax, I know they don't MEAN to) I've decided to say chuck it and self-publish.

Actually, I decided this almost a year ago. But I'm slow to start things, and AFRAID about putting my writings out where anyone can see them, and also there are a number of things I've been waiting for, that are stuck on center, not moving-- so I'm going to have to work around or something.

The first step was reformatting Books 1 and 2 in some format more reasonable to send to the Copyright Office. On my next free workday I'm going to drop the files off at the local office supply place and have them print copies for me. Then it's off to copyright. In the past I ran all my copies on my own laser printer, but (for obvious reasons) it's clapped out by now. Rather than try to hand-feed it through all those pages, or buy a new printer and destroy that right off, I'm just going to pay to have it done.

The second step is contacting someone to do the cover art. I'm going to go with Susan Van Camp if I can afford her- and I probably can; she's above fan art prices but not much.

I might have Ms. Van Camp do the whole cover to my design, or not. I'm not sure about that yet.

Once those steps are done, I can put together Books 1 and 2 on Lulu.com and have them ready to go.

Then I need a website- actually, I'd like to have one now, to get started. I intend to put the individual chapters out there under a Creative Commons License, meaning.. well, read up on it if you're interested. What it means is that the individual chapters will be free. Full downloads from Lulu will be cheap, and the hardcopy will also be available there.

I'm probably being stupid putting the chapters out for free. I don't know; comments on that appreciated. Of course it would be trivial for somebody to pirate them, but I don't care; I want readers more than I want sales. Besides, those who like it will want the hardcopy, I think.

I figure by making it so blatantly easy to pirate, nobody will want to. Why should they?

Of course lots of people make their money by selling free government publications and services, too. That action I would come down on if I could; you can have it free, but no selling. Seems fair, to me anyway.

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