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Hi, Whatever Is Out There. Hate to bother you again, but.. OK, I know you're fond of practical jokes, but how about not pulling one on us during the upcoming election? We can't afford it. Really.

The CURRENT joke has just about destroyed us all, and some things are serious. You know how my favorite aspect of you says Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Blocking the Exits and Verily I Say Unto Thee, Touch Not the Last Beer, for the Last Beer is Mine, I Mean It, and you really ARE serious about it? It's like that. If even you have your limits, surely you'll recognize that we do too? We're a little more fragile than you are, you know.

Thanks for the story ideas. I'm still working on two of 'em. I did send the third out to the editor at http://www.anthrozine.com and he said it looked good. That was the one where he sent me a laundry list of ideas I never touch; transgender stuff, transformation stuff, all of that, and much to my shock the story idea that popped up the next morning involved them ALL. I thought it was OK, but you can guess how it is writing to someone else's standards. I'm never completely sure that I'm writing up to my OWN standards, let alone the standards of someone else who proposes story ideas to me. But it seems to have worked out OK, so thanks.

But... the gasping chihuahua...

So I get rid of one problem caller, although she still calls me because the guy who covers that area now won't sit there and listen to her the way I will. As if that isn't enough, as if it isn't enough that I can't get rid of my pain in the butt industrial sources even when they've been assigned to someone else- and I didn't even ask for it-- but now you have to send me another caller. The minute I get assigned to the foundry I start getting calls, one hour and ten minute complaint calls, I counted it on the clock, about how the foundry is causing his brain disorder (which is hereditary, I looked it up so I know) and they're all conspiring against him and trying to run his car off the road (they know it's him because he drives a red car) and they're making his chihuahua cough... and so I have to sit there and be polite and professional to this taxpayer after he has HELD the blasted PHONE to up to the DOG so the DOG could cough into the phone for five minutes.. look, this is too much. I know I should be kind to people, but I don't take calls from coughing dogs, OK?

My grandparents had one of those. Somebody abandoned the worthless thing along the road near their farm, and they ended up with it, kind-hearted sorts they were. That dang chihuahua coughed for TEN YEARS STRAIGHT. I don't think too many critters are worthless, but chihuahuas are, utterly worthless, more so even than the long-haired snitty spoiled little toy mutts-- those at least you could use as a mop, if you had to.

Chihuahuas are worthless, and I cannot tolerate them at ALL.

And, knowing you, that's exactly why you inflicted one on me. All right, you've had your fun, now ditch the chihuahua. Please?
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You're not doing too much to make this any easier for me, you know.

What? Well, of course I know I have it good. I got everything I wanted; a place to stay, a job with enough money to pay for it, and a chance to write good stuff. I got everything I wanted, so now what?

I just wish I'd had more imagination when I asked for all that, or that I'd been more specific, or a little less idealistic-- I should have asked for the ability to write POPULAR stuff, not good stuff, for example.

Don't give me that. It's not being cynical if I'm RIGHT.

Still, all in all, I'm glad things turned out the way they did. I'm glad I had a chance to have my little toys, because that taught me that they don't matter. People matter, friends matter, toys are just entertainment.

A lot of people never get toys, go to their graves miserable, and think the lack of toys is why. Others get the toys and are miserable but go to their graves thinking the next toy will make the difference, and the last toy of all is a big, shiny tombstone. I wonder if that makes them proud, wherever they are now. If they're anywhere at all.

That's something I had to learn, I guess, and thanks for the chance. I'm glad I learned it while there was still time to use the knowledge a little bit.

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